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Handy Tips When Loading Your Moving Truck

Moving day has arrived! It has taken a bit of planning no doubt, but now you are ready to move! Loading your moving truck also requires some amount of planning to help ensure your goods arrive at their destination in one piece.  

Follow our 5 tips below to help your move run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

First things first, ensure the truck you rent is the right size for the load that you are moving. On a C licence, our automatic 22m3 enclosed truck with tail lift is the biggest you can drive. If you have an MR licence, you can take one of our 40m3 or 50m3 trucks and if packed efficiently, this should suffice for an average 4 bedroom home. Heading into the country, the 50m3  is the biggest we hire and the way to go for maximum capacity.  If in doubt, speak with one of our experienced team members who will guide you to selecting the correct size moving truck.


1. Ensure you have all the right equipment for your move

Having the right equipment will help make your move more efficient. Some of the items you will need include:

  • Moving trolley.
  • Strong, good quality moving boxes.
  • Packing Tape.
  • Labels and Sharpies
  • Blankets
  • Load Lockers
  • Arm Straps


At RentWA, we have a Moving Accessories package you can rent or buy when you pick up your moving truck. Find out more here.


2. Clear your path

Decide on the best place to park up your moving truck for loading. Keep the distance as short as possible. Remove any obstructions, wheelie bins, hoses etc. Look out for any dangly objects – and remove! Low hanging lights, bushes and trees. You may need to get the gardening sheers out, but it will be worth it to ensure there are no obstacles in your way.


3. Pack the moving truck systematically 

Having a systematic approach to loading your truck will not only help protect your goods in transit but will make loading time quicker for you.  You may need to call in some friends! You should have at least one other person on the truck while you move your items onto the truck. We find bribing them with pizza with works well! 

  • Pack boxes as tightly as possible to avoid any movement when the truck is in transit.
  • Pile boxes from the bottom to the top with heaviest boxes at the bottom.
  • Tie all boxes together with rope
  • Load appliances in the corners of the truck and secure with rope or straps.
  • Heavy items should be packed at the back of the truck and along the walls to evenly distribute weight.


4. Use the truck loading ramp

Save your back! All our moving trucks come with an easy to use tail lift and range in capacity from 500kg to 2000kg. Pack your items on the lift platform, press the button and up they go! You need to ensure that the ramp is clean and dry before you use it.


5. Use proper lifting techniques

Squat instead of kneeling. Let your legs and core muscles do all the work. Bend your knees. This will help you use your leg muscles rather than your back muscles. Never ever use your back. Avoid twisting. Carry the boxes close to your body. And get your friends involved. Many hands make light work.


Our experienced team will talk you through all the need-to-know essentials when you pick up your rental truck at RentWA, but we hope these tips will help you somewhat too. If you have any questions, or would like to book your moving truck now, contact our team today.

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